grish & watson

Shipping Methods

All of our items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and USPS Ground. We are currently unable to ship internationally (but we will soon- we promise!). Single cards ship for 80 cents each domestically with USPS ground. Any shipments including a card set or print are $6 flat rate with USPS priority shipping.

Single Cards
$.80 each 

1-3 Day
$6 flat rate


Returns & Exchange Policy

Due to the sensitivity of paper products, all sales completed as ordered are final. However, if you received something incorrectly, or are missing a product, please let us know! We will make it write (wink wink).

Special Handling

Are you shipping us to someone special as a gift? Let us know! We'll let them know you sent it! Unless it is a surprise, in which case, don't tell us, because Watson is so bad at keeping secrets. 


Can I bulk order one card design?

Yes! Please contact us directly, and let us know how many you would like of which pattern, if we have them on hand we can ship right away at a reduced retail price! We are always willing to work on larger quantities for you!

What kind of a dog is Watson?

Watson is 100% Siberian Husky, and 100% the sweetest.

Do you do Wedding invitations? Signs? Thank you's?

Sure do! Check out our Custom Lettering Page and shoot us a note! We love pinterest boards, inspiration pics and ideas! 

Do you do your own letterpress?

We source all of our lovely letterpress magic form Jenn at Letterpress PDX, and when we say magic, we mean magic, like musical-mermaid-unicorn-sparkle-magic.